The Commandments of God:
Are They Burdensome? Are They Abolished?   May The Truth Be Known.
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I'm Cornie Banman, author of The Commandments of God: Are They Burdensome? Are They Abolished?

About the Author
Cornie Banman was born in northern Alberta and raised in a close-knit community. After losing his business and feeling betrayed by the church system, he turned to the Bible and learned that corruption had penetrated the traditional church system. The Commandments of God is his first book.

The Commandments of God: Are They Burdensome? Are They Abolished?

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to succeed in every area of their lives, which often requires that we provide rules and boundaries so that no harm comes to them. In the same way, God creates spiritual boundaries and laws for His children so that we may be successful in our walk with Him. But what happens when His children, like our children, rebel and decide to break the rules they have been given? In The Commandments of God, author Cornie Banman revisits the laws and commandments that God created for His children and addresses the question many twenty-first century Christians ask: are the Ten Commandments and other biblical laws still applicable to our lives today? Banman examines how the Messiah and His first followers responded to this rebellious attitude and how today's traditional religious society responds to these commandments. He also explores how Satan, the great deceiver, continues to deceive us about God's laws and plans for our lives. The Commandments of God seeks to provide answers to questions that have plagued Christians since the beginning of the Christian faith, allowing a better understanding of God's plan for our lives.

About my latest book, Traditional Anti-Torah Church Doctrines:The Curses of Our Fathers

Cornie Banman gives readers an informative and comprehensive guide on the methods to validate the doctrines they abide by. He believes that humans have a strong desire to agree with anything that comes out from the pulpit. He desires to give everyone the ability to discern between what should be faithfully followed and what shouldn’t, so that they would be in alignment with the will of God. He digs deep into Scripture and history to solidify his methods of discernment. He hopes that, through this book, everyone will be on the right path in their spiritual journey.